The Sensuous Man

The Sensuous Man by “M” (Dell, 1971)

This doozy is really a find. Not only for the orgiastic, “Hey, baby, wanna see the inside of my van?” advice given by the mysterious “M” (who continuously refers to himself as a capital-S, capital-M Sensuous Man). Oh no. The book is a treasure for the underlined passages by some hapless previous owner. After awhile, I felt like I knew far too much about this poor bastard.

SM interior1

SM interior2


6 comments on “The Sensuous Man

  1. samuel says:

    want a copy to read

  2. reesa says:

    I think someone once gave me the women’s version of this book…also by M if I remember correctly.

  3. Alana says:

    Then there’s the Sensuous Dirty Old Man by Isaac Asimov…

  4. peter choyce says:

    laugh all you want. This book was one of the most influential of my young life. I read it and then had (hetro)sex for the first time. It was because of this essential read, i did not have one of those ‘horrible first encounter’ tales to tell. Infact, my first time lasted all day into the evening and the entire weekend. To this day, i am not ‘goal oriented’ (going for the 30secod orgasm), i am not concentrated on the satisfaction of the ‘other,’ my partner and i STILL don’t bother to have sex unless I have the weekend free. THE SENSUOUS MALE by M is a must read by boys of any age- hetro or homo- and it is totally weird how the book had fallen into a ripe obscurity while Xavier Hollanders ‘Sensual WOMAN’ is still a best seller. All that book was was Penthouse forum soft core…

  5. Bob says:

    This book is fantastic. My friend gave it to me some years ago. In truthfulness, she was a funny lady and I’m not sure if she gave it to me in seriousness or not. One of my favorite moments is advice on how to lie about having a yacht with the goal of getting a woman into bed.

  6. Lori says:

    this is what every man wants his wife to give him. read the whole chapter, F-wad, you suck in bed.

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