The Life Cycle Library

Life Cycle Library

The Life Cycle Library for Young People and Parents (Parent and Child Institute, 1969)


3 comments on “The Life Cycle Library

  1. Jenn says:

    HA! I am 1969 and my sis is 1966 – we grew up with these books! Now I’m googling them to use on my daughter.

  2. Joey Godin says:

    My name is Joey and I too was born in 1981 and am a gay man…. So you can just imagine my confusion when I read these books. My mother was far to shy to talk about the birds and bees with me so I was instructed to read this conservative outdated series…..

  3. Joel says:

    Hah! I totally had the Life Cycle Library on my bookshelf growing up. And I was born in 1981. This might explain my severely warped and anachronistic views on everything.

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