September Hussy of the Month!


Look at that slatternly lounging! The September Hussy of the Month was, according to photo info, an actual a professional lady of the night from Deadwood, South Dakota.

So, you know, a true rootin’-tootin’ cowboy whore.

(photo via EyeSeeDeadwood)


Pinkey’s Special (NSFW)

This post is a bit more scurrilous than I usually allow, but I thought it informative, if only so young ladies may see what happens when young men degrade themselves.

Menu from a 1920s brothel:


Brothel menu

Take a closer gander.


While I don’t agree with the services offered, it does seem that the Pinkey’s Special is well worth the $30.


Via Tangled Up in Lace. Submitted by Miss Brandy.