January Hussy of the Month!

Jan 2013 HOM

Bring out the Gimp.”
Gimp’s sleeping.”

“Wake him up, then. He’s late for school.”


Why, yes, my dear ducklings, it’s the return of the Hussy of the Month! While this 1921 photo apparently depicts “Rubber beauty masks, worn to remove wrinkles and blemishes,” believe you me, these are hussies and they’re up to no good at all. Why, they’re probably writing a manifesto arguing to allow women to show their bare ankles.

(Image via Dangerous Minds. Thanks to Jim A. for the tip! And remember, if you have anything you’d like to share, simply email me.)


The First Hussy of Summer

bathing suit melee

Women being arrested in Chicago for defying a ban on wearing brief swimsuits in public. Women were meant to cover-up when not in the water”


Oh, for heaven’s sake. The least you could do is keep your legs together, you hussy!


Happy first day of summer, everyone!

(image via Retronaut)

March Hussy of the Month!

March Lobster hussy

Cast your eyes upon this month’s stove-riding slattern! Our hussy is broiling as her keister sits on the hybrid cooker-carriage, which obviously is meant to show how her soul is steeped in hell-fire.

I… I don’t know what the lobsters mean.


(Image via How Are You I’m Fine Thanks. Thanks to Bridget for the link!)

Daaaang, Girl! It’s the January Hussy of the Month!

I can’t quite put my finger on what makes this woman a brazen hussy. Her short sleeves, perhaps? The hustle of her bustle?

Whatever she’s doing, it’s attracting far too much male attention, and thus it must be rife with sin.


Une dame vraiment bien (“Very Fine Lady”) by Louis Feuillade, 1908

(By the by, the music totally makes this video.)

This is NOT a Hersteria-Approved Gift

Just so we’re clear, I do not endorse this as a holiday gift. I’m not entirely sure what this Kay Martin hussy is planning to give her suitor for Christmas, but intuition tells me it is probably something rather untoward.

(submitted by Mrs. Wendy M.)

Halloween with Hersteria

Happy Halloween, Dearest Readers!

Are you still stumped over what costume to wear? Well, help is here! I’ve found some delightfully ghoulish Halloween costumes that are fun and cover enough ankle as to be decent. Let’s get started!

I’ve heard there are many popular films concerning a certain Bat-Man. Won’t your friends be wowed when you dress as that caped crusader?


Here’s a sure-fire crowd pleaser: Sexy Rollerskating Widow with George Washington Eyes!


Ooooh! Spooky!

There are plenty of options! One could dress as a Ballerina Jewelry Thief, an Unsuspecting Mummy Victim, or a Smoker!


However, you can’t go wrong with one of the classics: ghost, witch, or Toothsome Mystery Chef.

(images from National Geographic, Tres Sugar, and Johnny Cupcakes)