Hersteria Wants You to VOTE!

Sufferagette women voting

Remember to vote today, dear readers!


(Awesome image via Women: Rise Up Now)


Basically, Everyone Is Filthy

Coming down with a nasty case of Spring Fever? This collection of vintage STD prevention ads should take care of that.

Booby Trap

She's Everyone's Pal

Syphilis at home
(via Slate – thanks to Anne for the tip!)

Idle Hands Holding Other Idle Hands Are the Devil’s Workshop

“Be a lady. Let Bill open doors for you if he’s so inclined. No hand-holding during the movie even if he insists and you’d like to. It may be a test to see whether you’re an easy mark. No point in being Puritanical, but don’t let your standards drag. It might be heaven for the duration of the movie, but you might never see him again, so play your cards carefully.”

– Date Data


Remember girls: Holding hands while watching a movie will get you pregnant.

Also, watching a movie will get you pregnant.

You know what, it’s better if you just stay home. Alone. With your cats.

Daaaang, Girl! It’s the January Hussy of the Month!

I can’t quite put my finger on what makes this woman a brazen hussy. Her short sleeves, perhaps? The hustle of her bustle?

Whatever she’s doing, it’s attracting far too much male attention, and thus it must be rife with sin.


Une dame vraiment bien (“Very Fine Lady”) by Louis Feuillade, 1908

(By the by, the music totally makes this video.)

This is NOT a Hersteria-Approved Gift

Just so we’re clear, I do not endorse this as a holiday gift. I’m not entirely sure what this Kay Martin hussy is planning to give her suitor for Christmas, but intuition tells me it is probably something rather untoward.

(submitted by Mrs. Wendy M.)

Tips for Single Women

Single women, take heed! It’s because you sit awkwardly and are familiar with the head waiter that you cannot ensnare a husband!

This link contains a helpful illustrated list of dos and don’ts for the single gal of 1938. Good luck, ladies!

Don’t do this.

(photos via the fantastic Retronaut)

Little Bouncing Baby Sword of Damocles

“To save herself from the disgrace of an illegitimate child she may have an abortion produced; the abortion may have no bad results, but it may, if performed bunglingly, leave her an invalid for life, or it may kill her outright. If she is so unfortunate as to be unable to get anybody to produce an abortion, she gives birth to an illegitimate child, which she is forced in most cases to put away in an institution of some sort where she hopes and prays it may die soon–and, in general, it does. If it does not die, she has for the rest of her life a Damocles’ sword hanging over her head, and she is in constant terror lest her sin be found out. She does not permit herself to look for a mate, but if she does get married, the specter of her antematrimonial  experience is constantly before her eyes.”

–Woman: Her Sex and Love Life


I find the writer’s point a little odd. “So, uh, you know. . .  don’t bungle the abortion.”