A Bit About Me

A few years ago, I was shopping in a used bookshop with a coworker. I had just purchased The Physical Life of Woman, and my poor colleague listened very politely as I read aloud to him the book’s advice, including a dubious cure for nymphomania and reasons why one shouldn’t marry a feeble-minded woman.

Goldmine! As my friends know, when I get passionate about something, I want to share it with the world. That’s why I started Hersteria — it was born out of my love of social and sexual history and a deep need to blurt out,“Omigod, you guys, LOOK!”

Since then, my collection of books and ephemera has expanded quite a bit, currently covering the 1880s-1960s (I’ve found that advice started getting sensible a bit after that time, so I don’t have much post early-’70s.). Some followers have taken to sending me books and links, and I absolutely adore it all. (If you have anything you want to share, please either message me on Twitter or Facebook, or e-mail hersteria (at) gmail (dot) com.)

When I’m not searching for the next Hussy of the Month, I’m an editor, writer, knitter, and born-again roller derby girl living in Chicago.


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