Hersteria’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide!

Christmas booze bird

Hello, my darlings! Stuck for a last-minute gift? Last year’s Hersteria holiday gift guide saved many folks who found themselves in a present-buying pickle. This year I’ve found even more gifts that are bound to please even the crabbiest Scrooge on your list.


Lady Gifts

Want to piss off your friends and neighbors? Buy the lil’ lady a sun lamp!

For more of that pampered, “fresh from a bath house” feeling, consider the Vibrafinger “gum massager!


No hair? No problem! Even women with alopecia will enjoy bathing their scalp in hot air with this hairdryer.


Manly Gifts


Macho smells so manly that a phallic bottle was just obvious.


We know now much kicking your man does in a day. That’s why we endorse these slacks, featuring an EXCLUSIVE CROTCH GUSSET.


Gifts that Keep on Giving

bust cream_retronaut

You’d think Bust Cream would be just for the ladies, but YOU WOULD BE WRONG. Bust Cream can be also used as Food, making it a great gift for any couple (or hungry person) on your shopping list.

akai tap player ad

Chick History recommended this Akai video recording system. And since it comes with an invitation from a Penthouse Pet to attend a video taping session with them (?!), it truly is the gift that keeps on giving.


(Images via Found in Mom’s Basement,  hongkiat.comThe Oddball Daily, Daily Dawdle, and Retronaut)


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